Saturday, 14 January 2012

226 to 230


  1. I was going to suggest having captions with girls talking on the phone but you beat me to it. Hope you'll do more, with the ladies speaking to lovers, husbands, girlfriends, etc.

    And the tale of the crossdressing flatmate was interesting. Lots of possibilities there.

  2. Throne, I have a few pics of girls on phones set aside, but unfortunately most I find are outdoors, and outdoors pics are much harder to chastity caption than indoors. Chastity is much more of an indoor sport.

    I'm always worried I'll overdo the 'flatmates' scenario. It's one that presses my buttons beautifully because it offers a certain intimacy without necessarily offering a sexual relationship. I was fortunate enough to have a young lady as a flatmate for a year or two who was as open-minded as it is possible to be, and many of my flatmate scenario captions are based on things that happened - or almost happened! - with her.