Friday, 31 August 2012

Competition: Chastity Caption suggestions

I thought I might have a little competition. At the end of September, I'm going to write ten chastity captions based on ideas viewers of my blog suggest. The ideas can be a few words or a few sentences ... I'm just interested in what sort of things you'd like to see. Don't dictate the photo or the text though ... the idea should be a bit more general than that. I also tend to keep to the same general format: the girl is pictured, the guy is not, and the girl speaks to 'camera' so the reader is placed in the position of the chastity victim.

I haven't done this before, so it's a bit seat-of-the-pants. There's no prize except the kudos, and the satisfaction of seeing your idea illustrated.

Just reply to this post with your ideas (one idea per comment, to make it easier to separate out the candidates) and I'll go through the comments at the end of September and write chastity caps for the ten I think most worthy. Enter as many times as you like (we'll probably need that, as I don't exactly have a huge stream of traffic going though, and it might be a bit embarrassing if the 'best ten' had to be selected out of less than ten suggestions).

Oh, and there's a few topics and ideas I'm not really comfortable doing. Let's see:
  • Men initially locked against their will: while I'm perfectly happy with "bit off more than he could chew" or escalation scenarios, I don't like "I drugged you and fitted the device"
  • Violence: this may seem a bit odd, but I don't like to cross sexual dominance with actual physical violence
  • Under 18: for obvious moral and legal reasons. This includes school scenarios. Colleges, universities, vocational schools are no problem, as long as the girl looks 18
  • Brother/sister incest ... not sure why. Maybe because my sister is good-looking and the few people who know me personally and know I write this blog might draw an obvious but wrong conclusion.

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