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Kamiko and the Three Cs

I wrote this as a caption and then it got long enough to be a series and then it got too long even for that ... and I realized it would be far too difficult to find appropriate pics for it anyway. But I like it as a story, so I thought I would publish it here and see if anyone likes it. If you do, great. If you don't, just move on to the next set of captioned pictures: don't worry, I am not switching over to prose entirely.

Kamiko and the Three Cs 

I have a story to tell you, chastity boy. Grab a coffee, it's a long story.

On my gap year, after university, I worked for a year in Japan. It was daytime baby-sitting for the newborn of a very corporate Japanese couple in the wealthy 'burbs of Tokyo. The husband was a salaryman, heading off to 10 hours work each day, and he spoke no English. The wife was younger and beautiful, spoke perfect English, and did no work at all: she stayed at home, played the cafe society, enjoyed herself spending his money, and generally had a good time. She had several young lovers, that she did not try to hide from her husband (or me), and he seemed to accept these as her due.

One day when I was near the end of my year there, I jokingly asked her what her secret was, and she smiled and told me to stay for dinner that night. Intrigued, I did. The two of us had a light dinner, and then hubby arrived. I usually left long before salary hubby got home, and when he turned up, he was surprised to see me still there. But he was not surprised at his wife, despite the fact that she proceeded to tear strips off him in Japanese too fast for me to follow, while he desperately tried to placate her, all the while looking toward me with a rather anguished look. Eventually she grabbed him by the ear, hauled him over the sofa, then grabbed his trousers, and pulled them and his underpants down to his knees! Still lecturing him at a thousand words a minute, while he just lay there moaning softly and making no move to oppose her, she pulled down from the top of a bookshelf ... a cane. She swished it through the air, and the sound cut like a knife. Then she took up position behind him and brought it down across his buttocks. It was a savage cut, and he spasmed with pain, uttering a choked-off scream of agony, but he stayed there. I had taken a seat in a chair a few steps in front of him, so I could see his face, and believe me, it was a picture of agony. She did it again, and again. Six cuts, each administered with cruelly extreme force, while he sobbed and endured. Then she stood on tip-toe to put the cane back on top of the high bookshelf, and he turned toward her, still kneeling, still bare-assed, and began kissing her feet. Now I could see the six double-track weals of sheer pain written across his bottom. Then his kisses moved up to her knees and her thighs, and then he raised her miniskirt. She was bare underneath, and he began licking her pussy like a man dying of thirst.

I was wet as all-get-out myself by this stage. With hubby facing away from me, but cool young wife staring at me delightedly, I shucked my shorts and underpants, and lay back in the chair masturbating along to the rhythm they were making. The atmosphere was electric, and when the wife came, I did too.

And that was when the next funny thing happened. Wife barked something in Japanese to hubby, and he put his hands on his head and turned to face me. I looked at his groin ... and his penis was tightly locked in a chastity device! I'd never seen one before, but I could easily see its purpose from its design. Wife snickered at his embarrassment, uttered a dismissive word, and hubby shuffled to the bathroom with a red face and with his pants still around his knees.

The wife then showed me out, but we had a good long talk about it the next day. She said that 'The Three Cs' - chastity, caning and cunnilingus - were the key to a serious female-led relationship. The more she talked about it the more interested I got. My last month there was incredible ... how I regretted taking so long to broach the subject! Kamiko had me give up my tiny bedsit and move in to their spare room. Whenever hubby got a caning, she would make sure I witnessed it, and eventually she brought me around behind his body, and showed me how to hold the cane, and how to bring it whipping in, with that delightfully sickening swish through the air that foretold pure agony for the recipient. She made it quite clear that she wanted me to cane hubby, and he lay there accepting it. So I brought it down, but not nearly hard enough. Hubby grunted slightly as if it had hurt, but I sensed it was only out of politeness. Kamiko sensed it too, and promptly grabbed the cane from me and gave him one of her usual specials, which left him writhing in pain. Then she gave the cane back to me, and this time I brought it in much better, making him wince. "Harder!" said Kamiko, and I obeyed. "Harder!" she said again, and I ramped up the pain once more on that poor defenceless bottom. To the delighted urgings of Kamiko, I eventually began to match her impacts, my longer arms perhaps compensating for what I lacked in experience and technique. When Kamiko finally stopped me, poor hubby had copped over a dozen, and was sobbing openly. Kamiko sat beside me on the couch, and we kissed and cuddled while her hubby licked the pussies of each of us in turn.

After that, Kamiko shared the canings with me. One glorious time, she rang me and told me she was staying out with a lover, but asked if I could please give her husband six of the best. I was delighted to do so, and had him lick me to three orgasms afterward, I was so excited by it.   

In all the time I was there, I never saw her unlock his penis. Perhaps she did, in private, but I rather suspect not. He just went without, while his gloriously dominant wife enjoyed orgasms from her submissive hubby, her occasional lovers, and her own hands and vibrators.

The day finally came when my visa ran out. The night before my flight home, Kamiko reached up to the bookshelf and pulled down a surprise: TWO canes. She and I then gave her hubby a stunning caning; twelve from each of us, alternating strokes. He was bawling like a baby, and his bottom was just a mass of horizontal weals when we finished. Kamiko and I enjoyed our usual kissing and cuddling, while hubby frantically busied himself attending to our orgasms with his tongue. We kept him there for hours, and had three or four cums each.

Next day, after hubby had gone to work, Kamiko held me close, and then silently gave me the new cane. "For you," she said, "take it back to your country as a memory of me, but also so you can start your OWN Three-Cs relationship!". I smiled, but I knew there was one more memento of Kamiko I wanted as well. I looked at her silently, and undressed slowly in front of her, until I was completely nude. Then I reached up to the bookshelf, and took down her old trusty cane and handed it to her. I then bent over the sofa, offering my bottom for her pain.

I knew she would not disappoint me and she most certainly didn't. The first stroke swished in, as hard as the agonizing cuts she dished out to her husband, and I was crying after that first one. The pain was indescribable. I proudly stayed bent over though, offering myself for the next stroke, and Kamiko chuckled and brought it down again. I was in a red haze of pain, tears running down my face, but she simply swished the cane in for a third stroke. Then a fourth, and a fifth, and a sixth. I could barely move, my bottom a tortured hell of sheer agony. I heard the cane being deposited on the bookshelf, and knew my role. I turned, knelt, lifted Kamiko's miniskirt, and licked her pussy while she stood in front of me enjoying it. She came right there. Then she took me to the sofa and made me lick her to three more orgasms. Then she held me close until it was almost time for me to leave. She stood me up, ran her fingers across the weals she had put on my bottom, then gently stroked her fingers across my sopping pussy. She did not give me an orgasm - I think we both knew it would have somehow been wrong if she had - and then had me dress, and drove me to the airport. I spent the long flight home with my bottom a seething mass of pain, my mind full of Kamiko, and my pussy constantly wet. 

We stay in touch online, and occasionally she sends me a few intimate pics. One day soon, Kamiko and her hubby will both come out here, and I will make sure they both enjoy a lovely holiday ... though him perhaps not so much! But Kamiko is very happy that I am finally about to make use of her gift ... when I told her that I had locked you in a chastity device, she knew I was starting on my own journey down the Three-Cs path. And tonight we complete the last C. Bend over, my chastity-locked cunnilingus-performing boy ... it's time for your first ever caning.

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