Saturday, 7 January 2012

199 to 205


  1. This is quite a nice set. The issue is control and how it gets away from the guys. The final one works perfectly because cheating on him is a logical next step, and leaves him even LESS in control. You might want to do a series on husbands in chastity being cuckolded by their wives. (Hint. Hint.)

  2. Throne, I've done quite a few cuckold ones. I noticed ptathuk separated his cuckold ones out into another blog, but I just mixed mine in.

    I don't normally do series (196 to 198 was an exception), I just happen to publish five at a time. The five in each published set are usually unrelated. I may change that later.

    I may do a bit more on cuckolding in the near future however, so keep an eye out.