Sunday, 22 November 2015

2301 to 2305


  1. As always, caps involving cuckolds score high with me. One is very direct and the other more subtle. Both work very well. The idea of having the hubby make sandwichs for the 'Bull' is devilish. It's not bad enough the cuck is getting cheated on, but he has to cater to the guy who's doing it to him. Maybe next he'll have to shine the superior man's shoes or wash his car.

    1. The cuck field is a very separate subset of chastity. In fact, ptathuk, whose site inspired me to start writing chastity captions, eventually separated out his cuck ones to a separate site. I like to keep all my stuff together though: there are a lot of possible topics, and if someone does not like one, they can just move on to the next caption which will be different.