Sunday, 15 November 2015

2291 to 2295


  1. That gal who identifies herself as cruel sadistic and horrible would be quite a taskmistress, always coming up with new ways to control and abuse her slave. She would constantly be trying to outdo herself in that department. Perhaps offering his tongue to her girlfriends.

    And the cuckolding wife has a wicked attitude. In her own way she's pushing her slave to new limits too.

    1. Yes, the girls who frankly acknowledge that they get off on making things tough for the victim are very exciting girls.

      The last one,the cuckold girl, seems quite different - she seems to be very gently cuckolding her chastity-locked husband with three men, and even asking if its OK that one of them gets to pump a second load into her. I am sure she is quite certain what hubby's answer is going to be.