Friday, 14 December 2012

786 to 790


  1. Keep up the good work :) btw I sort of have a request I was hoping you could do some step-sister stuff, I know its not everyone's cup of tea but I really like it. An possible some supernatural stuff, where like a witch or gypsy puts like a curse or something on a guy so he can't come, again I know you don't like it when the guy is like forced into it but u could do like some asshole who tries to mug/ cheat on his girl friend who happens to be a witch or what have u and gets his just desserts and "justice is served" instead of it being some innocent nice guy. oh... it could be a step-sister who's into voodoo or whatever an punishes her jerk of a step-brother for some misdeed he did to her or something along those lines. U could even make it into a series which u were thinking of doing and it could better show what an asshole said guy might be.

    I'm not trying to give orders or director u, jus spit ballin some ideas. An as they say variety is the spice of life.

    Big Fan,

  2. Ca5h3w: Never hurts to ask, but I'm afraid I'm really not moved by the supernatural powers side of things. I love it that the 'powers' the women in my captions use are the same 'powers' any woman can use ... those wonderfully captivating natural powers! The other thing is that my captions tend to be based on the girl in shot addressing the reader, and I try not to write the reader into a position that feels unnatural to them. So I'd think having a girl 'look to camera' and accuse the reader of a serious misdeed doesn't work too well, because it can lead to a disconnect between the reader and the role they are being placed in. I try to keep that role as broad as possible. Sometimes I have the keyholder point out a misdeed by the reader but it is routinely one the text indicates they have contracted not to do ... so that element of "you got YOURSELF into this" still applies.

    On the step-sister front, I have better news: I did one, which I hope you will enjoy. It's at 802.