Sunday, 9 December 2012

766 to 770 - Series

Here's a series of five ... please comment on whether you like the idea. In fact, please note that comments are more than welcome on any and all of my work ... I love to get feedback on it.


  1. i love all your work, and the series of five is good. it gives you extra room to make a wonderful femdom story to go with it =P

  2. I think you should do some series, they don't necessarily have to be all at once. If you wanted u could just do 2 or 3 every time u did an update. But yeah i'm a fan of picture caption stories an I'm a fan of ur work. So combining the 2 is pretty sweet

  3. Thanks, faceseat and cas5h3w. I plan to only do an occasional series ... just when a story idea goes a little long. Most of my work will still be stand-alone captioned pics.

  4. I like cas5h3w's idea, because I think an "episode" every now and then to advance the series would be really cool: there could be a similar progression to this one, but showing the victim getting ever more desperate and broken into slavery as time passed.

    Sounds like a really cool plan either way :)

  5. Steve: it does depend heavily on the pictures I get hold of. If I find a series of pics that illustrate a theme, that works. But it's a lot easier to find five than enough for an on-going series. I also tend to go for pics that don't define the writing too much (most of my pics are really just 'pretty girls not wearing much'), so they tend to be a bit generic for a long narrative. There's also a copyright risk: I don't own these pics and if someone wants one taken down due to their copyright, I will: I'll just replace the pic with a different one (their loss frankly: my site probably advertizes theirs). That's OK when it is a single image; much harder if I have gone to the trouble of writing half a dozen five-pic episodes!

    You may have noticed I actually tend to avoid using the same models over and over again. I'm a fan of variety.

    However I will keep my eyes open and if I spot a good series of pics that I can specifically write an series of episodes for, I might give it a shot.

  6. Well, that's a fair point! I hadn't thought about how weird it'd look to have a "year" of captions all in the same place & outfit...

    Don't sweat it if there's never a suitable series- I'm far too much of a convert to quit on you for that!