Friday, 5 October 2012

Results from September Chastity Caption Competition

Thanks for all the replies for my chastity caption competition; it's been great to see the ideas that have come in. I'll go through the suggestions individually.

Ca5h3w31 suggested (and Nicholas Wolfwood supported) the idea of doing captions based on the sex mage universe. I hadn't heard of that but Google took care of that. It's a fictional world where women have certain psychic powers enabling compulsion of men. This isn't really a theme I'm into, I'm afraid, because to me the idea of compulsion rather takes the fun away. The beauty of chastity is that the male has complicity in his own denigration, whether it be loss of orgasms, corporal punishment, humiliation or strap-on buggery: in each captioned pic, I make sure that at some stage the man at least to some extent made a decision that allowed that to happen. The beauty of chastity in my mind is that the control that women exert over us comes not from psychic powers but from simply being women. The scenarios I illustrate are ones where that control may be quite extreme - the women are cruel, capricious and deliciously and unashamedly selfish - but the capture was voluntary. Every man my female narrators are addressing their remarks to has had the opportunity to bitterly regret their own acceptance of their submission, but they all DID accept it. They were never compelled.

Totaldiscord suggested "How about the keyholder teasing her chastity boytoy through his cage, or threatening to... finally agreeing to give him that long-awaited blowjob, but without taking his cage off first. Keyholders who lick and kiss their boy's locked up cocks are the meanest!" OK, that's do-able; result is at No 631.

Steve1  suggested "I like the idea that a girl finally convinces her boyfriend into chastity, and then once he's locked she starts passing him around her friends; maybe he has to please all of them and have them all agree before he earns an orgasm. And of course at least one of the friends has always secretly hated him..."  I've addressed similar issues in the past, but it's worth another look so I did No 632. I also thought of something from the "secretly hated him" bit ... which is at No 633.

Throne said "I'd love to see you explore the cuckolding theme. The wife could be using unfair arguments to justify keeping her husband chaste, teased, and endlessly frustrated." This is a well-trodden path, both by me and others (ptathuk apparently found he had so many cuckold ones that he split his blog into cuckold and non-cuckold blogs). However the idea of unfair arguments presses my buttons, so I've done a couple more at Nos 634 and 635.

ChrisM10 contributed "I always find it very exciting when the woman is part of something 'bigger', like an organization or company specializing in life-coaching via chastity or even a weird branch of the government. And while the woman conducting the regular check-ups would of course be very flirty and touchy-feely, the knowledge that they will never budge from the terms agreed upon, adds a level of hopelessness to the fantasy for me." While I'm not much interested in writing sci-fi/fantasy stuff about organisations of women dominating the world's men and keeping them locked in chastity (altairboy's chastity stories collection always has a few like this, which frankly I find a bit of a snore), I came up with something based on this suggestion that might interest you. The result is at No 636. Incidentally the only 'fantasy' aspect of my writing is the use of the 'Hardsteel' chastity device, which is a piece of shorthand I came up with to avoid constantly having to re-cover descriptions of just how unremovable a device might be. Let's face it, the concept of a permanently unremovable chastity device is technically impossible but a huge turn-on, which is a very useful plot device, so I simply brought one into existence by author's fiat. If you search the Web for a purveyor of these marvellous products, you will unfortunately search in vain.

zerat14 came up with "Any of these would be so awesome: 1. Husband and wife both in chastity with their maid as the keyholder. Maybe the wife was the mistress and wanted to tease the husband with a little lesbian action with the maid but she turns her into her slave. Or maybe she seduced them one by one and now she is their live in pampered mistress.  2. Master and slave switch roles for whatever reaseon(just to try it or a wager) and now that he is in chastity there is no going back.  3.Escape artist with his new assistant/girlfriend helping him train. The only time he is out of chastity is when he is in heavy bondage and she is teasing the hell out of him. He only gets to cum if he escapes. Poor thing didn't cum in a very long time and he used to be so good at it. :)" The third one is a little obscure but I liked the first two a lot. I thought I'd written something like your first idea before, but it turned out it was a script for a Milovana series I never got around to actually attaching pics to. I've got a few of those which I could convert to series on this blog I suppose. I wrote a few for Milovana but chastity seems to be a bit of a side-issue there to teasing ... the audience there prefer Tease but no Denial, and all too many of the posts - including those that are voted winners - seem to me to be just "ten wanks with the left hand. Then ten with the right. Then ten standing on your head. Now cum. Good boy." etc. etc. Zzzzzz. What do people think of me writing series of captions? I've avoided doing that with one exception: the Indian girls at Nos 196 to 198. I love Indian girls, largely due to having a very dear Indian friend who is tiny, yet kicks ass as a corporate high-flyer. She occasionally has been talked into playing with chastity, and the results were spectacular! Anyway, I digress. zerat, I wrote a couple of caps on your first and second ideas ... results at Nos 637 and 638; see what you think.

Edward Nygma19 sent three ideas: "The general idea of switching roles like zerat suggested has always been very appealing to me, especially the revenge-theme. Suggestion: A successful lawyer has his secretary work really hard and doesn't pay her much. He secretly lives a chastity-lifestyle and has been sending his keys to different pro-dommes to keep him chaste for quite some time. One day, the keys are accidentally sent back to his office. His secretary opens the package and finds out about his fetish. 2. The girl Brad always used to taunt and make fun of in school turns out to be really hot some years later. She also happens to be in charge of the research project on long-term-chastity he volunteered for. 3. A gangster-couple just made a lot of money with a robbery. But he betrays her, takes all of the money and drives away to leave the country. He gets into an accident and wakes up several hours later, completely stuck in a full-body-cast, lying on the bed of their former hideout and unable to move. She informs him that he’s gonna be teased without release for revenge, at least until his healing process is completed." The third one is not my cup of tea, as the guy doesn't ever choose chastity ... and it sounds a bit like the terrible movie Boxing Helena. The first of your ideas is the one I like best, though I've explored similar ideas in the past: see Nos (search: "secretary"). Worth dipping into again though, hence No 639. The second is worth doing though I'm going to change the "he volunteered for" bit ... I prefer chastity when it is personal rather than signing up for it with a faceless org. Incidentally re "Brad", I try to avoid naming the person the girl is speaking to. In fact I try to avoid classifying the listener as tall short, old young etc., because I think it helps the reader to live in the fantasy better if there is not a potentially jarring discord between their reality and the addressee described by the woman. Sometimes I get stuck though ... I've done a few "father of my girlfriend" ones, where it's hard for the girl not to address the listener as "Mr. so-and-so". Anyway, I did a cap of this, it is at No 640.

ChasteVirgin4 said "As a chaste Virgin, anything involving virgins in chastity is incredible, there's not much out there and more would be great. I'm thinking a young virgin goes to university/college and ends up locked by a cruel teasing girl or group of girls, could be fun." A really interesting general concept, and one I hadn't really considered much before. I think I'd done one cap where the victim was a virgin, but this comment sparked my imagination quite a bit. I eventually did five caps on the theme of virgins being locked up in chastity. You'll find them at Nos 641 to 645. This suggestion gets my nod as the overall winner. Congrats, ChasteVirgin4 and thanks to all who contributed: I hope you like the resulting Chastity Caps I did.

In conclusion, I really enjoy receiving feedback about the caps. I try to reply to all the comments posted (though sometimes I take a few weeks to get around to them, depending on where I am), so please all continue to post comments telling me which caps particularly float your boat. Also, please reply here as to whether you think I should try some series of caps, or whether I should stick exclusively to individual ones.


  1. No idea what happened about (with my name). Signed in properly now. Just delete the above.

    Awesome, great that you loved my idea and I basically "won". This has been an awesome sort of event and I hope you do something similar in the future.

    As far as series goes, I say yeah go for a few series. So long as the concept's good enough to keep us interested then I'm for it. But I'd say stick some individual ones in too, for good measure.

    Cheers again.

  2. ChasteVirgin: no problem, I deleted the comment with the odd sign-in. Glad you liked the competition, and thanks for your winning suggestion.

  3. Ok first off Compliments to the Chef. All the captions. Nom! Nom! Nom! As for mine
    637 - making her foreign and not good at english - You Sir are a mind reader. I tought of writing it down but you said keep it simple and general so i didn't. Seeing a series of this would be prefect. Go for it.
    638 - OMG. The picture is fantastic. The little collar with the bell. She is after all a slave and this is only Secretaries' Day/Week/Motnh/... Eternity :evilgrin: . I can so see her still calling him "Master" while she's teasing the hell out of him.

    As for my third idea I don't even know how to explain it. It keeps changing in my mind. Best i can do is give you the link to the story that started the fantasy There is no chastity in it and its short but it does something for me.

    Milovana i agree it is a "bit"(read a lot) boring, but there are gems. I adore tease from 1885 and most from cactusman. They are more story/fantasy based then the "wank-wank-cum good boy" rest. If you havent seen them check them out. If you ever get around to publishing the tease i would love to see it.
    Once again Congrats!