Thursday, 11 October 2012

CAW Week: 646 to 650

Welcome to Cruel Asian Women Week on the Icewolf Chastity blog! They're tiny, they're doll-like in appearance and they have a cultural history of subservience to the male (like most cultures if you go far enough back I suppose). So surely no Asian girl would put a man's cock in a chastity device and hang on to the key? Well, when they throw off the bonds of that cultural heritage and decide that THEY are going to be in charge, look out! This week is a tribute to those glorious Asian women who refuse to be limited by what society allows, and who have found that chastity is a great way to enforce their cruelty on unsuspecting male victims. This week is dedicated to chastity captions of Asian women who really break the mold: harsh, cruel, capricious, demanding ... once you've been foolish enough to let them lock your cock up and keep the key, these merciless Oriental ladies are gonna make you pay and pay and pay ... you might have a LONG time to regret it!

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