Sunday, 5 March 2017

2976 to 2980


  1. I always appreciate the girls who are getting plenty of sex and enjoy taunting a chastity slave about how he can't get any. You can tell how much the females love what they're doing by the way they talk. When the gals involve their locked boys directly, letting them watch and making them clean up, it's even more intense.

    1. You get a lot of those "letting him watch" ones with me, because I like the idea of the girl talking directly to the chastity-locked guy. So the pic is the view of the guy, and what he is hearing, not some scene that he is not a witness to. That's why I don't use 'selfies' incidentally, because I want pics that show what the guy sees, not just a photo that might be sent to him. Sometimes I use the theme of a girl Skyping the locked guy, but it's always 'live', so she can talk directly to him.