Sunday, 12 February 2017

2943 to 2950


  1. Fine job of picking photos and creating caps that fit them. Especially liked the two girls, with the mention that it doesn't matter what the one's boyfriend suspects because he's locked. How liberating for her to never have to worry about what he thinks.

    1. The two girls walking home was a recent one drafted in to replace one which I discovered had a typo in it. As soon as I saw the pic - which I thought was a bit ridiculous - I thought of the last line.

      I often find pics that are a bit too silly to make realistic captions from. Example: for some reason, there are lots of photos of women in high heels (and nothing else) on a bed. It was a huge trope in magazines before the internet, too - very Penthouse. It's so difficult to weave into a storyline - why would a girl be wearing heels in bed? Similarly, for some odd reason, porn photographers like to sit girls on tables. Why? It's so hard to make a caption about the pic without the girl having to mention the 'elephant in the room' which is that for some reason she is sitting in the middle of the dining table. And of course, I have to keep her dominant!

      Ah, the perils of the chastity captioner.

      Incidentally, I wondered what you thought of the girl offering the panties. It was such a good photo that I worked hard on that one removing a huge obtrusive watermark from the upper left - the whole glass reflection to the left of her head is constructed. I'm quite proud of it.

  2. The panty picture looks great. Good job of fixing it.

    And a girl in bed with only heels on could be that way either because her chastity slave has a kink for shoes and she's teasing him, or because her lover likes her that way. Yes?