Sunday, 22 January 2017

2916 to 2920


  1. The girls who want to masturbate instead of being licked are practicing a special type of cruelty. They are denying the chastity slave even the limited contact he might get from going down on them. And if they make him watch while they play with themselves, his frustration will be even worse.

    1. There's something rather attractive about the "don't care" type of keyholder: the one who gets off on the power, but is still living her own life and doesn't need the victim's sexual services. One other example of this is the woman who is married, and usually has a non-dominant relationship with her husband, but has his permission to keep chastity slaves on the side: she may or may not indulge in the chastity victim's sexual services, depending on her whim and the arrangement she has with her husband, but it's quite clear she doesn't NEED them, so there's an additional element of risk for the victim there ...

      Similarly with this Asian keyholder and her friend. She obviously is experienced and enjoys witnessing the frustration of the victim, but she doesn't feel any particular need to utilize the locked-up loser for anything other than the pleasure of being the architect of his suffering.

    2. Well said. Also effective is the gal who prefers vibrators and other sex toys. With those, she is even less likely to require her slave's services. He gets beat out by devices that can outperform him every time.

    3. A man should always know how to handle his girlfriend's vibrator ... because when push comes to shove, no man can do 5000 rpm.