Sunday, 9 October 2016

2761 to 2765


  1. That gal on the cell phone brings up some wild possibilities. Looks like the on-line keyholder arranged for the chastity slave to go and serve her. Imagine the locked guy never knowing who he's going to be sent to next, as his desperate need to escape his erectile-constriction mounts and mounts.

    1. I left it quite often as to precisely what role in his life, the visible girl is playing ... I mean, she's naked, but she's happy to talk to his online chastity keyholder. Some ambiguity is interesting ... sometimes I worry that I make the story too defined. This one is actually based on my flatmate who used to occasionally take calls (not naked, though) from a domme I used to know ... they'd chat happily about me and what I was going through.