Sunday, 15 May 2016

2556 to 2560


  1. Making a cuck perform menial jobs (like cleaning a pool) would be a delight for his cheating wife, and an extra humiliation for him. Even better is the gal whose first priority is the 'amusement' she gets out of having gotten a guy to let himself be locked. (And that cap and photo work excellently together.)

    1. If the pic has the girl looking at the viewer and smiling, I find the cap is half written! Re the pool cleaning, I love girls who aren't afraid to say "yeah so what, I'm being unfair by taking away your orgasms; doesn't mean I can't choose to be even more unfair if I feel like it." That girl KNOWS the guy is going to slump his shoulders and head out to clean the pool while she fucks the poolboy.