Sunday, 6 September 2015

2191 to 2195


  1. Lots of variety in this group. I can imagine the cuckold whose wife is showing off her outfit being the same guy who is reduced to seeing a prostitute and paying to lick her. And when he comes home with a spanked bottom, who knows how his bride will react.

    1. Funny, I rarely view the prostitute-visitors as married, or even currently in a relationship. I am interested in the concept of the loss of male power, and to some extent a guy who is 'cheating' on his girl is exercising power, even if it is the power to choose to pay to lick a girl to orgasm. I have no problem with his keyholder arranging it, but chastity victims still 'under the thumb' should only be doing what she says. That's why I stressed the "no longer in contact" aspect, I guess. That's all just my opinion; and of course opinions are like penises; everyone's got one, or if they don't they can always grab someone else's.