Monday, 16 March 2015

1956 to 1960


  1. The 'flatmate' caption really works for me. Having her giddily drunk, feeling irresponsible, and liable to make him do all sorts of nasty stuff -- how perfect is that?

    1. I have to admit I have a real thing about flatmates. And much as this sounds like a 'letter to penthouse', it's based on reality. I had a lovely girl who was my flatmate, and who never had sex with me at all. However, she was tremendously interested in my various encounters with dominant women at kink parties and online, and was happy to talk to them on the phone to confirm I had done certain embarrassing tasks etc. She had no problem with me wandering about the place in, shall we say, non-standard attire. She was also happy to have me paint her toenails once when I was required to offer her that service. Lovely girl ... I still email her occasionally though she is now in a different country.

  2. Icewolf... thanks for sharing that. I can see why the flatmate scenario works so well for you.