Sunday, 1 February 2015

1891 to 1895


  1. These ladies are certainly confident and motivated. I like the idea of a 'working girl' controlling a man and making him give her pleasure. Wait until he discovers that her last customer was not locked and that he went 'bareback'.

    1. I like the working girls. I'm not sure that everyone does. Someone featured some of my work on a blog and critiqued it very thoroughly, and pointed out that I have an interest in the 'money' side of things. I try to mix things up though: some working girls, some girl-next-door, some flatmates, some girlfriends, some wives etc. Anything the pic itself suggests to me is fair game.

      Strangely enough though, there are a number of topics I steer completely clear of, and others that I rarely go toward. It may seem squeamish in a fantasy-based caption blog, but I generally avoid things like multiple partner unsafe sex!