Friday, 5 July 2013

1086 to 1090


  1. Love these, you do great work. I just made my way through the complete archives through the last few days, had to take a few breaks. Could you do some that include large strapons or facesitting? I'd love that, thanks.

  2. Re large strap-ons, I take it you've seen number 1059?

    Re facesitting, I might try to work some of those into a conversation or two. I like to write showing a woman addressing the reader, so the chastity victim IS the reader, not someone in the shot. I find this helps my readers - including me! - imagine themselves in that situation, which I think is more exciting than seeing a woman address a victim in the picture. So I can't really show facesitting itself. Occasionally I work around this by having a woman doing something to a guy but addressing another guy 'to camera'. Usually the conversation includes "you're next!"

  3. Yes, I loved 1059, more like it would be great. And as for the facesitting, anything showing a girl working up a good sweat could be a good way to bring it up. Thanks for all your work.