Monday, 13 May 2013

1006 to 1010


  1. I just have to say that I love your captions Icewolf!

    I look forward to them soooo much that when they arrive in my 'reader I have a hard time stopping myself from reading them all at once.

    Usually I do my best to ration them out over the week, reading and savouring one every morning and/or night just to make sure I get my daily fix of frustration.

    And if there are a few left over for the weekend I have been known to lock myself up specially, just so I can enjoy them in the proper frame of mind.

    In fact I can pretty much blame you for my last 4 week stint in chastity, when one of your series drove me to contact my old keyholder again.

    I just love frustrating myself with your posts, thank you so much. And congratulations on passing 1k too!

    ♥ Daisy-jane

  2. Daisy-Jane: thanks for the lovely feedback. I actually try to post in numbers of ten or less so it is not 'feast or famine'.

    I have to ask: have you shown your 'old keyholder' these caps? I am interested in what keyholders think ... and what types of stories they might enjoy most.