Friday, 26 April 2013

986 to 990


  1. Always great to see more updates! Love the way you've matched the caption on 990 to that "slightly pissed off but curious how dumb you are" expression she's got!

    Any exciting plans for the 1000th caption?!

  2. The on-line domination and forced feminization is deliciously extreme. I can imagine her finally mailing him a key and, when it arrives, it doesn't fit. Imagine how funny she would think that was.

  3. Steve: no, I couldn't think of anything too brilliant for the 1000th, and then I had posting issues which meant I was sweating to get anything online at all. I may run another ideas competition soon. Any suggestion for caps are always welcome though ... I may not follow through on them, of course. For instance, I tend to have little interest in fantasy (i.e. in the book sense) so women with psychic powers of dominance, or science fictional world-scenarios where the women are in control and all men are locked don't push my buttons. I like to illustrate vaguely possible scenarios ... ones that are only the invention of an unbreakable chastity device away from reality! After all, we already have the two other pre-requisites: submissive men and delightfully cruel dominant women!

    Throne: hmmm, the key doesn't fit when mailed ... thanks, I'll write one about that too.