Saturday, 23 March 2013

941 to 945



  1. I really like the beauty in the fishnet stockings and fingerless gloves. Not only has she locked her guy in chastity, but the cage is 'tiny' and their love life is completely one-sided in her favor.

  2. Throne, hmmm, 'tiny' ... thanks, another interesting idea I can explore. I'll see what I can come up with ... you do supply me with a number of ideas, please keep commenting. I was thinking of crediting some of the ideas to your suggestions, but unfortunately I tend to lose track a bit ... I work 10 to 50 caps ahead of my publishing (just in case I have a week or two when I have no time to write any; then I can still publish a week's worth and catch up again later), so I tend to be unaware of when I publish one that was based on your comment. HOpe you enjoy them when you see them anyway.