Friday, 31 August 2012

Competition: Chastity Caption suggestions

I thought I might have a little competition. At the end of September, I'm going to write ten chastity captions based on ideas viewers of my blog suggest. The ideas can be a few words or a few sentences ... I'm just interested in what sort of things you'd like to see. Don't dictate the photo or the text though ... the idea should be a bit more general than that. I also tend to keep to the same general format: the girl is pictured, the guy is not, and the girl speaks to 'camera' so the reader is placed in the position of the chastity victim.

I haven't done this before, so it's a bit seat-of-the-pants. There's no prize except the kudos, and the satisfaction of seeing your idea illustrated.

Just reply to this post with your ideas (one idea per comment, to make it easier to separate out the candidates) and I'll go through the comments at the end of September and write chastity caps for the ten I think most worthy. Enter as many times as you like (we'll probably need that, as I don't exactly have a huge stream of traffic going though, and it might be a bit embarrassing if the 'best ten' had to be selected out of less than ten suggestions).

Oh, and there's a few topics and ideas I'm not really comfortable doing. Let's see:
  • Men initially locked against their will: while I'm perfectly happy with "bit off more than he could chew" or escalation scenarios, I don't like "I drugged you and fitted the device"
  • Violence: this may seem a bit odd, but I don't like to cross sexual dominance with actual physical violence
  • Under 18: for obvious moral and legal reasons. This includes school scenarios. Colleges, universities, vocational schools are no problem, as long as the girl looks 18
  • Brother/sister incest ... not sure why. Maybe because my sister is good-looking and the few people who know me personally and know I write this blog might draw an obvious but wrong conclusion.


  1. U should try doing a few captions that take place in the sex mage universe. Salamando started it and Pancakesfordinner has written a few really good stories on it. If ur not familiar with it lemme know an I will send u a link to there blogs or i can jus send u some of there work. Its definitely become one of my favorite fetishes

  2. How about the keyholder teasing her chastity boytoy through his cage, or threatening to... finally agreeing to give him that long-awaited blowjob, but without taking his cage off first. Keyholders who lick and kiss their boy's locked up cocks are the meanest!

  3. I like the idea that a girl finally convinces her boyfriend into chastity, and then once he's locked she starts passing him around her friends; maybe he has to please all of them and have them all agree before he earns an orgasm. And of course at least one of the friends has always secretly hated him...

  4. As a chaste Virgin, anything involving virgins in chastity is incredible, there's not much out there and more would be great.

    I'm thinking a young virgin goes to university/college and ends up locked by a cruel teasing girl or group of girls, could be fun.

  5. I'd love to see you explore the cuckolding theme. The wife could be using unfair arguments to justify keeping her husband chaste, teased, and endlessly frustrated.

  6. I always find it very exciting when the woman is part of something "bigger", like an organization or company specializing in life-coaching via chastity or even a weird branch of the government. And while the woman conducting the regular check-ups would of course be very flirty and touchy-feely, the knowledge that they will never budge from the terms agreed upon, adds a level of hopelessness to the fantasy for me.

  7. I second the idea for a sex mage caption. If u don't necessarily want to do a sex mage universe thing, u could just do a caption about a guy who ends up dating a telepath, witch, or even like a voodoo doll thing. A possible scenario could be simple like the guy bites off more than he could chew or breaks up with her an now she wants revenge. Or another idea I had was a brother who pics on and teases his sister all their lives and she either starts dabbling in the occult or starts to develop powers and uses her brother as a guinea pig to get some sweet revenge. The scenario could be the brother goes off to college and then after she graduates from high school goes to the same one and joins a sorority, an the whole sorority practices black mage so she and her new friends take pleasure in teasing and tormenting her brother with there magic. Though to get all the back history an setting it mite need to have multiple parts/captions. idk y but being controlled and forced to do things by hot chicks using supernatural means has always been one of my biggest fantasies, just the fact that they would have such complete control over u using means that you not only can't comprehend but don't even know the limits of what could actually be done to u plus the fact that there is also no way to resist it or run away, only being able to grovel and beg for mercy

  8. Any of these would be so awesome
    1. Husband and wife both in chastity with their maid as the keyholder. Maybe the wife was the mistress and wanted to tease the husband with a little lesbian action with the maid but she turns her into her slave. Or maybe she seduced them one by one and now she is their live in pampered mistress.
    2. Master and slave switch roles for whatever reaseon(just to try it or a wager) and now that he is in chastity there is no going back.
    3.Escape artist with his new assistant/girlfriend helping him train. The only time he is out of chastity is when he is in heavy bondage and she is teasing the hell out of him. He only gets to cum if he escapes. Poor thing didn't cum in a very long time and he used to be so good at it. :)

  9. The general idea of switching roles like zerat suggested has always been very appealing to me, espacially the revenge-theme.

    A successful lawyer has his secretary work really hard and doesn't pay her much. He secretly lives a chastity-lifestyle and has been sending his keys to different pro-dommes to keep him chaste for quite some time. One day, the keys are accidentally sent back to his office. His secretary openes the package and finds out about his fetish.

  10. The girl Brad always used to taunt and make fun of in school turns out to be really hot some years later. She also happens to be in charge of the research project on long-term-chastity he volunteered for.

  11. A gangster-couple just made a lot of money with a robbery. But he betrays her, takes all of the money and drives away to leave the country. He gets into an accident and wakes up several hours later, completely stuck in a full-body-cast, lying on the bed of their former hideout and unable to move. She informs him that he’s gonna be teased without release for revenge, at least until his healing process is completed.

  12. Competition results now published. Thanks for all the suggestions!